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Perfect Contact Lenses for your Star Sign

You have to agree that zodiac signs are super magnetic. Reading about your star sign is fun and when it comes true, it totally makes our day. Interestingly, the energy of every zodiac sign corresponds to different planets, different colours as well as different environments. Moreover, our horoscope affects our nature, our moods and how we tackle situations. While an Aquarian is very friendly and caring, it is not necessarily true for a Scorpian. 

As interesting as it sounds, each zodiac sign also matches with different colours and this applies to contact lenses Australia too. If you wonder which coloured lenses go with your zodiac sign, you need to read on to find out.

Aries: March21- April 20

The Horoscope Aries is the first zodiac sign and anyone born in late March or all through April is known to be a natural leader. Interestingly, Arians are proud, persistent, can get angry, affectionate as well as stubborn. When it comes to achieving goals, Arians can go to any length. 

As far as coloured contact lenses are concerned, Arians should wear tinted red coloured contacts. Warm tones suit their zodiac sign and hence, all contacts with a red tone or brown tone will suit them. Try opting for warm caramels too. Moreover, if you are a fan of decorative lenses, go for vino red, red mini sclera and Devil Red.

Taurus: April 21- May 21

Bull represents the Taurians. Taurus is a wonderful zodiac sign as taurians are very caring, giving, friendly, sweet natured. However, they can be equally angry and they show their anger in various ways.

As for their contact lenses, since they are sweet natured, ‘Blue’ is what matches their cool. From nice aqua blue coloured contact lenses to sapphire blue an even icy blue, Taurus is all about blue.

Gemini: May 21- June 21

Gemini is represented by the twins. Hence, it is safe to state that these people are mercurial in character. Moreover, Gemini individuals are sensitive, caring but equally angry. They get bored easily too and always want a change in routines.

What’s perfect is how wearing coloured contact lenses Australia comes naturally to them since they always crave change. Hence, Gemini teenagers as well as adults can enjoy wearing colours such as blues, greens, browns and even greys.

Cancer: June 22- July 23

Horoscope-Cancers are born between June 22 and July 23rd. interestingly, they are known to be the most patient, soft spoken and contained people. These individuals need the most restful coloured contacts to wear to represent their personality.

Deep greens, deep blues and subtle greys are the perfect lenses for horoscope-Cancers.

Leo: July 24- August 23

Leo is represented by ‘Lion’. You can well imagine the personality traits include fierceness, anger, zero patience and leadership qualities. Leo individuals are daring and hence love bold and bright colours.

For all horoscope-leo individuals, it is suggested that they use coloured lenses which are eye-catching and noticeable. Hence, colours such as Amber, Caramel, Jasmine and contour Hazel are ideal shades.

Virgo: August 24- September 23

Horoscope Virgo individuals are very sensitive, quiet and contained. They prefer solitude and open up to very few close friends and family members. They stay reserved and prefer sticking to plans. They are stubborn, unforgiving and their anger is dangerous!

For this purpose, the best coloured contact lenses that suit them are navy blue, black and dark brown. Since they are reserved in nature, masking their eye colour to showcase a deep colour is what sets them apart from everyone.

Libra: September 24- October 23

Highly principled, mature and confident, Librans are very strong natured. While Librans are strict, they are equally soft hearted and friendly. They have a dual personality and they tend to have mood swings.

Soft shades of blue and green are ruled by Venus and suit Librans a lot. Since blue is tranquil and green is neutral, both these colours can be enjoyed by Librans.

Scorpio: October 24- November 22

Scorpions are very merciful, sweet and friendly. However, they are equally moody hot tempered and emotional. Scorpians like to live a luxurious life and usually opt for unique things. 

The shades of Scorpio ruled by Pluto include reds, maroons and deep browns. Hence, the ideal coloured lenses for Scorpio are vibrant crimsons, all dark brown blends and deep honey shades.

Sagittarius: November 23- December 21

Sagittarius individuals are ambitious and they make good leaders. Nonetheless, they can become stubborn and even moody at times.

All colours that come under the spectrum of blues and purples are ideal for Sagittarius. Purple represents creativity and independence.

Capricorn: December 22- January 20

Independent, friendly, caring and calm are perfect adjectives for all Capricorn individuals.

Olive green is the best contact lenses colour for Capricorns. Green denotes tranquility too.

Aquarius: January 21- February 19

Aquarians are soft inside but have a hard shell for the world. They are moody and sensitive.

Turquoise blue and sapphire blue are the best shades for their horoscope.

Pisces: February 20- March 20

Pisces are very outgoing, friendly and caring. Soft blues and soft pastel green coloured contact lenses Australia keep them the happiest.

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