Guardians of the Galaxy: Two Volumes of Costume Inspo

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe brought another gem forward when the first Guardians of the Galaxy made it to the big screens. The first movie stood out for many things among the hordes of superheroes produced by many different franchises. The success of the first volume was the reason GOTG volume 2 got a quick green signal. Guardians of the Galaxy Jackets are common in Comic-Cons because of their unique looks. All the characters in the movies possess some fascinating traits along with unique costumes; choose your hero!


Thinking how you can portray a tree-shaped humanoid? An innocent through and through, Groot never had an evil bone in him. Groot also took the most time and effort to create; according to the creator, “the better part of a year” was devoted to design Groot to perfection. If you are planning to cosplay this adorable character, know that he does not reside in the usual group of cosplays.

He is an astounding character that will require an astonishing amount of effort to come together. The motion capture and voice over for Groot was done by Vin Diesel. Hence the hype for this extraordinary character is nothing like the usual craze!

Drax the Destroyer 

A warrior in every sense, Drax is your aggressive, highly tattooed who is trying to avenge his family. The scarring lines and patterns over Drax’s body make his cosplay a tricky one. As tricky as it looks, it is also one of the most liked cosplays. Some differences are observed between the comic character and film adapted one, but both have too many similarities to ignore the iconic adaptation.

Dave Bautista played the character of Drax and openly talked about relating to the character’s experience of trauma. Like every major character in the movie, Drax has a purpose, too; here, Ronan is his biggest enemy!


Cosplaying those who sit on the other end of the table is equal parts fun and dreadful. You never know who will adore the efforts and who will criticize you. But the environment at a cosplay convention is accepting and creative, therefore going for Nebula does not sound alien or foolish.

Nebula grew up with Gamora and counted her as a sibling. She is a loyal soldier of Ronan and Thanos, ultimately taking the title of the female villain of the show. Nebula’s character is a fascinating one; she has a complex personality, which makes her an ideal subject for a cosplay. She is a jealous soul; Gamora’s success and relationships are envied by her at every other step.


Zoe Saldana did a splendid job at portraying Gamora – a warrior who is atoning for her past crimes in the best possible way. Gamora is a striking character; with her green skin, she stands out from the female characters of MCU. A lethal assassin, Gamora’s character was not created by CGI or motion capture.

Saldana admitted that she had to sit in one place for hours to get in the role while the makeup artists did their magic. James Gunn’s films are famous for the extraordinary touches in their scenes, and Gamora’s character brought that touch in the whole movie.

Yondu Udonta

Guardians of the Galaxy is full of colors; one of the reasons adults and children both admire the series so much. Yondu is a blue-skinned character who leads Ravagers. Peter Quill’s life did not include a father, but Yondu came close to the father figure in his life. This is another character where makeup effects will decide if your costume will kill on the stage or not!

Rocket Raccoon 

Now, this is a fun character and one where a costume guide is necessary. Complete outfits are accessible, and you can easily work your way to the top of the ladder with this iconic little character. Rocket Raccoon is the most dynamic thing in the movie; his energy-filled character puts life in the bleakest moments. The character is no doubt difficult to pull off, but a unique one. If you want all the spotlight focused on you, this is your safest bet.

Star Lord 

Cosmic superhero? Is that a real thing? For MCU, all the impossible stuff is real! Star-Lord is only part human as his lineage comes from the cosmic species living in outer space. He leads the Guardians with charisma and confidence. Even though he belongs to a completely different race, his bond with his fellows is anything but alien.

Peter Quill’s life has been bumpy from the start. After getting abducted at a very young age, he lived with thieves and learned tricks no one else could master. Star Lord Jacket is an essential part of his cosplay, and loyal fans of GOTG know that Star Lord is staying in the game for a very long time.



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