How Do Riverdale Characters Differ From Archie Comics?

Is the Riverdale gang the same as the comics? Every real-world Serpent has wondered it while watching the celebrities playing the characters like pros. What do you think — are Betty and Veronica BFFs in the comics as well and Jughead? Is he the same weirdo in the comics too? And is there any hint of the Southside Serpents Jacket in the comics as well? Let’s find the answers to all these mysteries with a short comparison of both versions. 

However, the parts which have remained constant are the never-ending thrill, drama, teen romance and angst, and the bizarre behavior of characters towards each other. Although the show is based on Archie Comics, the extent to which the characters have come along from the innocent days to be a part of intrigues. They have turned a lot darker, a bit quirkier, and deeper from the comics. Let’s get started with the character breakdowns one by one!

Jughead Jones:

Jughead is the character who is a lot more different than the comic version. Although he has been depicted as a quiet observer on both platforms, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has given him an edge in the TV series. Jughead was just a guy in the comics who was always hungry and spent a lot of time lying around. In the TV show, he is the person who is still in action, solving a murder mystery with Betty and writing deep and dank novels. But as for the appearances, Cole Sprouse looks the best choice for Jug’s character, who rocked the same crown beanie and vintage plaid shirts.

Betty Cooper:

Betty was the same ‘beautiful girl next door’ in Riverdale as well. The smartest, kindest, most polite, and the cutest character from the comics has been portrayed the same way in the comics. But thankfully, Riverdale ended her crush on Archie too soon. 

Veronica and Betty were fighting over him in the comics, which didn’t give both characters anything except that they were obsessed with Archie. Betty understood that Jughead is the one that her soul wants, and Archie was just a best friend and a naive childhood crush for Veronica. As for the appearance, no differences, AT ALL!

Archie Andrews:

The perfect depiction of a typical American teenager in the ‘40s is none other than Archie Andrews. He loves milkshakes in the comics and is fond of girls even more. He was also trying to strangle Veronica and Betty in the love triangle forever. But apart from his craze for girls, he was selfless, helping, and a loyal friend. 

In the TV series, he has been depicted as the clumsy guy transformed into a heart-throb with six-packs abs and a person who was sure of his love for Veronica. Despite being the womanizer in the show, he didn’t give Betty false hopes about his feelings. There was no other person than KJ Apa to play the role of the red-haired freckled guy.

Veronica Lodge:

The rich and spoiled mean girl, Veronica, has done all the evil things a person could ever do with anyone. While undermining her best friend and playing with the emotions of Archie, she turned a lot more polite and kinder as the TV series goes by. The old Veronica is trying to be better with the help of Betty, while in the comics, she didn’t even try to change. She remained a bitch throughout and was trying her best to steal Archie’s attention. Camila Mendes, with the same fashion sense as from the comics, seems to be the best person to play her role!

Cheryl Blossom:

Cheryl from Riverdale and the comics are the same in all aspects! The red-haired manipulative girl from the wealthiest family of Blossoms tried to snatch Archie from Betty and Veronica in the comics and the TV series. The girl with the sassiest personality of them and even jerkier than Veronica suited bombastically with Madelaine Petsch’s personality in all aspects.

Miss Grundy:

The character having the most prominent differences from the comics is Miss Grundy. The hottest teacher ever from the TV series was not close to it in the comics. She was an old and strict teacher who did not have any thought of making love with her students. 

She is not just hot in the series but adds extra ‘love scenes’ in the TV series, Roberto has portrayed her as a student-predator who was doing ‘it’ with Archie — yikes! In the TV series, her actual name is Jennifer, and Grundy was stolen by her from an older woman. What is the need for it, though? And it’s understandable how both characters have no similarities at all! 

Interestingly, there was no such thing as ‘Serpents’ and the process to be a member of them. This means no Riverdale Jacket with a serpent on the back. Crazy! Well, kudos to Aguirre-Sacasa for playing so smoothly with the alteration. The gang added extra action to the story, which shows us how a good producer and playwright should be! 


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