Types of Allergies

Different Types of Allergies And How You Can Prevent Them

Allergy is something that is caused by the reaction of our immune system. It varies from people to people as there are different types of allergies that a person can suffer from and should be treated according to it. 

Some people are immune to one thing but the other person won’t be, this is why there are times when our immune system can’t detect if the thing that has entered your body is a foreign invader that might harm your body or something that is not too dangerous.


Symptoms that you will experience due to an allergic reaction will depend on several factors. It depends on how allergic you are to that thing and the severity of it.

There are certain medications that can help in reducing the impact of those allergens but you might still feel some symptoms even after taking that medication. It is something that takes time. 


During the cold season, the number of bacteria and viruses increase due to the low temperatures. There are certain viruses that can’t survive hot weather and due to that, you will be less allergic in the summers and more in winters. The most common symptoms of seasonal allergies are flu, cough, swollen eyes, and cold. These are some of the most common symptoms of seasonal allergies. 


Some people are allergic to certain types of foods and it is in their best interest to avoid such foods in their daily life. Some of the symptoms that you can have are nausea, swelling, fatigue, and breathing issues. You can treat it by taking an allergy medicine or by consulting your doctor. 


The most prominent impact of allergy is usually on your skin and there are different types of allergic reactions that you can suffer from, the following are some of the most common reactions that you will suffer from. 

You can also have a skin allergy by touching something that you are allergic to, there are certain foods, and friction can cause skin allergies. The following are some types of skin allergies. 

  • Eczema
  • Hives
  • Swollen Eyes
  • Burning
  • Itching


Different allergies have different reactions and it should be treated according to that if you are having a severe allergy then it is better to consult your doctor so that he/she can guide you in a better way.


There are certain medications that can help in improving your condition. The following are some of the medicines formulae that you can take to reduce your allergic reaction.

    • antihistamines 
    • cetirizine 
    • loratadine 
    • leukotriene modifiers 

The above medicines come with different names and have the sole purpose to reduce your swelling and allergic reaction.

  • DIET

There are certain foods that can help in improving your immune system. So, this is why you should consume foods that are rich in nutrients like protein, iron, and vitamin C. such nutrients are vital in improving your overall health and fitness.

Foods like chicken bone broth, salmon fish, and fresh fruits are good for your health and can also boost your immune system. Most people are not allergic to these foods and if you are then you should try to consume something that is rich in these nutrients. 


The simple answer to this is no and you can’t just simply avoid the natural things around you. Allergies are not that life-threatening and they can easily be tackled by consuming the right food and medication. Although there are certain allergies that can be dangerous for your health and in that case you should contain your doctor and get proper treatment. 

Most of the allergies are seasonal and some are food allergies. This is something that you will have to live with because you just can’t get rid of them by constantly consuming the medication. 


These are some of the common types of allergies that you might come into contact with, these are almost all the things that you need to know about allergies. All you have to do is eat healthy and once you know what are the things that you might be allergic from, simply avoid them and you will be good to go with your routine life.

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