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9 Things A Breast Cancer Survivor Must Know About

Cancer, in any form, is not a small difficulty because several people lose their lives due to this problem. However, stats show that breast cancer survival rates have risen with time. Currently, almost all stage 0 and 1 patients get through the medical issue while a small percentage of stage 2 patients lose their life. 

When so many people are getting cured, it is also crucial to view how their lives look after breast cancer treatment. Here are the nine common things that are experienced by almost all breast cancer survivors. 

#1 There Are Long Term Physical Changes

Apart from the treated area or other treatment-related physical damages done to your body, you may also struggle with some other changes. For example, not being able to put needles in one of your hands. These changes don’t go away for a long time, and you should be ready for them. 

#2 Everyone Has A Story To Tell

Whenever you tell people about your diagnosed or treated cancer, everyone will tell a story about someone they knew who had cancer. This is one of the common things encountered by almost all survivors. It may irritate you, but you will have to face it. 

#3 Surviving Alone Is Not The Solution

After getting treated, you may want to be left in isolation. However, it is always recommended for survivors to go out, attend community meetings, and meet your friends and family. The encouragement is vital for you after the treatment. 

#4 Things Will Take Time To Settle

Cancer treatment shakes you in every aspect, from physical to financial. But over time, these things settle down, and you start improving. The key rule here is to take things slow and understand that everything will be fine in just some time. 

#5 Not Everyone Is Happy On The Last Day Of Treatment

It is important to know that different patients have different feelings when they get done with the treatment. So it is okay to feel anyway, but it is necessary to celebrate in whatever way you prefer. 

#6 There Will Be Self-Worth Issues

No matter how confident or shy you were before the treatment, the process will affect your self-worth in some way due to all the physical and emotional changes. However, you should never lose hope and remember that things will get better soon. 

#7 There Are Methods For Reconstruction

If you are stressed about how your body will look after the treatment, you can relax down now. There are several breast reconstruction methods from which you can choose and get your body back in shape. 

#8 You Will Get Support From Everywhere

Your friends or family who have not talked to you for some time will also be there for you whenever you need them. You will receive support from all directions that will help you in getting through all situations. 

#9 There Will Be Emotional Ups And Downs

From feeling overwhelmed to feeling anxious for no reason, you will experience several ups and downs in your emotions after breast cancer treatment. Remember, this is only a part of the recovery process, and you will get away with it as well. 

This is how you can expect your life to be after surviving through breast cancer. So be ready for the changes, keep your hopes up all the time, and enjoy life to the fullest. It is the best way to get through difficult times.

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