Body Spray vs Perfume
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Body Spray vs Perfume Which Lasts Longer

Body Spray VS Perfume is a debate that has raged for quite some time. Both can be used as a fragrance although Perfume is considered to be the better fragrance. However, with the increase in popularity of body spray, perfumes have lost their shine and they are seen as old fashioned. This is a debate that will rage on for some time, however the winner is definitely going to be perfumes. Body Spray is certainly a viable option if you are on the look out for a great smelling body scent.

Body Spray vs Perfume – Basic Difference

The smell of body spray is much different from the scent of perfume. Body spray usually has more of a cooling effect rather than a warming one and you may have experienced this with Cologne. If you have ever sprayed your clothes with perfume, then you will know exactly what I mean. Perfume makes your clothes smell nice; body spray does not do this.

body spray vs cologne
Difference Between Perfume and Body Spray

When we consider which is better between body spray Cologne and perfume, we also need to factor in cost. Perfumes by the brands that are generally recognized as being well made, last longer than those from discount retailers or even pharmacies. They also have a stronger aroma. One thing you can say about perfume is that it is long lasting; body spray Cologne is not so good if you need to wear it all day. You can also get cheap body spray Cologne from some department stores.

One of the most popular fragrances used in body spray is musk. There is something very exotic about musk, almost tribal in nature. It has a very unique smell that is not replicated by any other type of natural ingredient. As with various aromatic perfumes, the scent from musk tends to fade rather quickly; this is not so with most perfumes, for this reason it is said that body sprays last longer than perfumes.

When you consider body spray of perfume, the winner is usually Cologne. The reason for this is because it is more concentrated. Most perfumes are mass produced in the factories and then sold off in supermarkets and mass marketing channels such as television commercials. They are not that effective, even though they might smell nice when you spray them onto your body. With body sprays you are able to apply them more accurately and more thoroughly to get the maximum effect.

Body Spray vs Perfume – Pricewise

Perfumes are generally better quality than sprays and also last longer. They are, however, more expensive. If you are on a tight budget, perfumes might be a better choice. But if you can afford it, then go for the higher quality sprays, as they tend to last even longer. There is a simple trick to keeping perfumes fresh: spray them once a day with a good quality daily fragrance oil (such as eucalyptus, marjoram or Rosemary) and keep the bottles air-tight and cool. This will keep the fragrance fresh and keep it working for as long as possible.

Body Spray vs Perfume – Why Perfumes are Better Choice

The best time to apply daily fragrance sprays is about an hour before you go to sleep at night. After that, any time during the day is fine. It is always recommended to spray your favorite fragrances directly onto your skin, and not into a bottle because the fragrances have a tendency to evaporate very fast if they are stored into a bottle. If they are sprayed into a bottle, the fragrances will sit on your skin and can become stale over time, making the wearer feel run down and lifeless.

Fragrances are great if you like to change your daily scent, or replace a scented body spray with a more wearable perfume. You can also use perfumes on your body; just spray the perfume onto a clean cloth and dab it into the body with a bit of water. You can then lightly rub the perfume into your skin. Perfume mists are a great alternative to the real thing, but they still smell great and last just as long.

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